Custom tours can be created to suit your every need. Anything from a single day shooting in Cornwall, England to a two-week adventure across California and Hawaii can be arranged, along with your flights, hotels and transport. I aim to give you the perfect experience that will stay with you for a lifetime and push your photographic skills to the next level! Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or to start planning your next big adventure. (One on one or group trips can be arranged).

Capturing a great image is still only half of what is required to make a fantastic photograph. I also am well versed in post-production techniques and can teach you Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to help create your final masterpiece. This is a skill that I tend to find missing with many great potential photographers, and I can help to make this process a lot less daunting!


JJ Warren Photography

James Warren is a landscape photographer based between Southern England and California, USA

His early career was in the movie industry in London, where he found himself working with such film makers as Sir Ridley Scott and Sir Richard Attenborough. This in turn led him to his current base in Hollywood working alongside other well known movie directors.